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5:20pm – Tessa Virtue on ‘the process’

Tessa Virtue and Scottt Moir are the most decorated Olympic figure skaters of all time.

Tessa won three gold and two silver medals in a shimmering career.

Today she’s remembering the empty stadiums and the endless hours of practice – the ones that make Olympic champions.

“Thinking about the Games takes me back to these practice days,” she says.

“An empty arena filled only with our dreams and goals. It was the process that was most fulfilling – diving deeply into each and every facet of preparation, long before crowds or judges had their say.

“To the summer 2020 athletes who envisioned something entirely different this year and were eagerly awaiting their Olympic moment … hang in there. Know that there is an entire nation behind you, ready to propel you forward when you need a boost as you continue training, perfecting, focusing. Your time will come, and it will be everything you make it.”

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