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4. Add a table of contents

Landing on a page and not having a clue what to find there can make people hesitant to read on. Just seeing a long piece of text might even scare people away. Most people don’t take the time to read your entire post, so to help them check whether this post offers them what they are looking for you can add a table of contents in the beginning. Especially, if you’ve written an extensive post or page, a table of contents give the readers a sense of control, and the possibility to scan which topics you deal with in post.

If you followed the steps above, your post will have a decent structure and headings already, which means this advice is easy to implement! The old-fashioned way to implement a table of contents is adding anchor tags to all your headings and adding a [TOC] shortcode at the beginning of your post. But if you’re using the WordPress block editor together with Yoast SEO premium it’s even easier! We’ve now added a TOC block to the Yoast SEO blocks. This means you’ll just have to look for the right block, add it to your post, and you’re done:

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